Services & Rates


“Okay, let’s cut to the chase. How much is this going to cost me?”


Generally speaking, I like to have a sample of your work, along with the size of the total job and what you want done.  This gives me a good idea of how long it will take and I can then quote you a project price.  If you prefer that I keep an hourly tab, I can do that instead. I just find that some of the categories are not very sensitive to how much time is needed.

Having said that, here is a list of my services and rates.  My thanks to the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) for providing a reference table showing ranges of accepted rates for common editorial tasks.


   Type of Work             Estimated Pace                   Range of Fees

  Copy editing, basic             5-10 ms pgs/hr                         $30-40/hr

  Copy editing, heavy            2–5 ms pgs/hr                         $40–50/hr

  Developmental editing      1–5 ms pgs/hr                          $60–80/hr

  Proofreading                       9 -13 ms pgs/hr                         $30-35/hr

  Researching                                NA                                        $40-75/hr

  Substantive / line editing  1–6 ms pgs/hr                          $50–60/hr

  Writing                                  1 – 3 ms pgs/hr                         $50-100/hr                                                                                                                                                (5¢-$2/wd)

NOTE    ms = manuscript page, pg = page, hr = hour, wd = word

            (A manuscript page is 250 words.)

More and more of the work I do is based on Microsoft Word. For the most commonly used font size, pages tend to run with about 450 words per page. This would, of course, affect the number of pages done per hour, in effect, almost cutting the number in half. This just brings into sharper focus the need to look at each project individually to establish a fair price.

I think I can say, without exception, my clients are pleasantly surprised at how little it costs to have their work edited professionally, compassionately and quickly.

 These are rough estimates only. I try to charge at the low end of the ranges. Rush jobs might add a little to the price, depending on how busy I am at the time. Ultimately, the final cost is always dependent on the extent of the editing, research and creative writing that are involved.  The work needed can vary – anything from simple grammar, spelling and word use, to having to go sentence by sentence, rearranging ideas, sentences and paragraphs to bring a nice flow to the writing. In some cases, it amounts to an almost complete rewrite of the document. When heavy copy editing, developmental or line editing is involved, the time needed will also depend on the subject matter.  If it’s an area where I have some expertise, there is little to no research involved.  Other areas may take considerable time in research.

Please don’t let the numbers above scare you. Even if you think there is no way to fit anything extra into your non-existent new business budget, I really hope you will take a leap of faith and show me what you need to be done. I mean it when I say I’m passionate about helping you get off the ground with your best foot forward.

Estimates are always free and without obligation.

What do you have to lose?

I will work with you to ensure my services are affordable. The most important thing is that you get yourself out there, looking great. If you are trying to make a positive change in the world, there is a tribe of people out there waiting for you to get your act together and show up! I want to help if I can.

Really – really, really.