So, what do you think of me so far?


The way I see it, my job is to sit quietly in the wings while you smile and take your bows to the raving fans of your work.  Sure, I did some tweaking to bring out the brilliance in your writing, but it is your voice, your ideas – your masterpiece.

This being the case, it is difficult to produce any kind of portfolio or samples of my work.  I count on the kind words of happy clients to give you some idea of what I do and what makes my work special.

My thanks go to the special clients whose words you see on this page.


Having had many opportunities to work directly with Debbie Perret during the
past couple of years, as well as read and experience her work for others, I
highly recommend Deb for any type of communication in writing.  Her unique
gift for capturing the authors’ meaning and purpose and portraying the
intended message to audiences of all walks makes Deb invaluable for
copywriting, ghostwriting and editing of all types of publications.

My clients have been ‘wowed’ many times with Deb’s ability to turn projects
around with speed and accuracy and her natural ‘way with words’. Her work
has far exceeded clients’ expectations every time…always fabulous feedback
when Deb is involved in the project. From the website/blog content, to the
articles and bios she has written for us, the common comments, “love what
you have done!”; “nice work”, and “ah-ha!  That’s what I wanted to say, good
job!”…flow in from our clients.

We are proud to have Deb on our team!

When it comes to putting out a clear message; from website content, blog
writing, advertisements to books, bios, speeches, articles and resumes; Deb’s
talent for having insight to the authors’ tone and intended message,
combined with polished editing and proofreading skills – makes Deb any
author’s best friend!

Arlene Larkin
President, Virtual Ink Office Services



I was fortunate enough to experience Debbie’s writing brilliance when I needed help with a chapter I had written for a book I was to co-author.  I felt pretty good about what I had already written, in that I felt I got my message across authentically.  However, I knew it was missing something and I wasn’t able to give the piece that added touch of brilliance that it needed.

I asked Debbie to “do her magic” and did she ever!

What I love about Debbie’s editing is that she was able to enhance my personality in a way I wasn’t able.  Her innate ability to portray my style of communication was awesome.  She added humor and sass (my style) where I couldn’t and did it in a way that still sounded like me.

Debbie is a very intuitive and soul inspired writer.  My recommendation to you if you are considering hiring Debbie is: if you feel a connection to her then go for it.  She will show you exactly why she named her business Write From Your Heart!

Aimée Yawnick, Spiritual Coach & Mentor


Here’s what I love about Debbie’s writing and editing.  She has that elusive gift of taking raw information—stilted, clumsy blocks of text—and turning them into a captivating easy-flowing stream.  And she does it with a gentle sense of humour that would make any reader smile.  I’m so jealous of that!

Cathy Lien
Executive Director
Vision Virtual Design


Having Debbie work on my project was such a privilege and I feel so grateful for having found her. She immediately tuned into my writing style and picked up on errors and improvements that I would never have found. She was the icing on the cake for my project and transformed what I had produced into a much more polished product.  She mastered my subject matter and everything I wanted to communicate beautifully and when asked, Debbie offered wonderful advice. She was timely, skilful and friendly. I highly recommend Debbie for your editing and writing. She was totally professional  and a total pleasure to work with from start to end of a lengthy project.

Siobhan Alexander
Creator of ‘Free From Diabetes’ Program